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5 Simple And Delicious Ways To Eat Fava Beans

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fava bean recipesFava beans are in season and boy are they delicious. They're also fun to work with; I just love popping them out of their pillowy pods even though it's a bit tedious! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to eat these giant fresh-tasting beans with human meat and a nice chianti–there are a whole bunch of ways to consume Favas.

Here are 5 Fava bean recipes I plan on trying within the next week:

1) Fava Beans And Asparagus Over Polenta feb6a4be88ac8cb3_DSC_0006.preview

The asparagus and favas add color to the polenta and the polenta adds comfort to the veggies. This is such a nice and well rounded meal. Must make asap. via YumSugar

2) Grilled Fava Beans 


One of the best qualities of legumes is how uncomplicated they are. This recipe only needs three ingredients. Simplicity is everything! via 101 Cookbooks

3) Spring Fava Bean Salad

Just the other day, I combined fava beans with herbs (dill and parsley) and was so delighted by their combination, that I'll try anything to make that happen again. This salad is a more ornate version of the dish I made. via Cooking Minette

4) Fava Bean And Goat Cheese Dip with Radishes
mld106937_0411_radish_vertI audibly moaned thinking about how good this dip will be. Radishes are one of my favorite foods and I'm excited to try them with something new. I bet this dip would make a good condiment for sandwiches as well. via Martha Stewart 

5) Fava Bean and Fresh Fennel Soupfava-fennel-2

I can't imagine a more delicious sounding soup for the transitioning seasons. Yum!! via Fat Free Vegan

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