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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Buy Dad A Drink, Regularly

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It's no big secret that most Dads enjoy a quick pint at their local pub after a hard day's work. Even dads who are well into their retirement still seem to relish that after-hours Bud or snifter of brandy. And now that we know that moderate drinking may actually be good for your health, even better than not drinking at all, this Father's Day, why not join your old man for the occasional pint? As you both age, it can be a great way to relax, shoot the breeze, and reconnect over his favorite pastime. And when it comes to Father's Day, it's also a much more personal way to celebrate your old man, as opposed to the old BBQ or trip to the hardware store.

When I was a little girl, my father gave me my first sip of alcohol. He was drinking orange juice with a little peach Schnaps, and I asked what it tasted like. He then let me climb onto his lap to take a small, but significant swig. I nearly gagged. Even though there was only a little bit of booze in the glass, my palate wasn't used to the strong stuff, even diluted. My father looked at me with a smirk, and told me to remember that god-awful taste. I guess that was his way of ensuring I wouldn't be a heavy drinker as an adult. (And it worked, because I'm a teetotaler to this day.)

But as we age, our dynamic with dad shifts. He goes from being disciplinarian to wise sage (fingers crossed, anyway), imparting wisdom at each adult milestone you hit. He's been through the career, the wedding, the marriage, the children, and the everyday stresses that come post-university, so he knows a thing or two, and you'd be daft not to lend an ear.  I know you had your heart set on having a big barbecue fest with the old man (which is fun, don't get me wrong) but you'll have plenty of time to ignite the spitfire and slather A-1 steaksauce on your finest cuts of beef in a few weeks for the 4th of July. Making time for just you and your pops once a week is a healthy way to build your relationship in this new phase of your relationship. Try starting it this Father's Day, and keep it up once a week. Just remember that moderation is key. Going out on an all-night bender with an octogenarian isn't what we have in mind.

Now if only I could bring myself to drink …

Screw it, hand me that peach Schnaps. Dad, this one's for you.

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