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Fat Santa: Has Mr. Claus Gained Too Much Weight?

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Remember the rosy-cheeked old man whose populated our Christmas books, songs, films and television specials for years upon years? Well, it looks like he’s been eating too many cookies: the idea of a “fat Santa” has apparently been expanding in a similar manner to our own country’s waistlines.

According to Adele’s of Hollywood owner Adele Saidy, Santa suits have been increasing steadily in size over many years. Her store has designed Kris Kringle costumes for the past four decades, and she’s noticed quite some changes: “They are getting larger and larger. Last year and this year, 25 percent of my Santas — oh, I don’t want to say it — they are really overweight.”

Saidy says that her biggest St. Nick suits were originally designed to fit somebody between 200 and 275 pounds who is approximately 50 inches around; this season, however, Adele’s made six orders to fit a person between 300 and 425 pounds with up to a 76 inch waistline. Other Santa suit suppliers have apparently noticed similar increases, with Santa Suit Express‘ customer service happiness manager Aimee Gibson stating, “We sell thousands of Santa suits a year, and we don’t get too many requests for the smaller sizes.”

Now, I love the idea of a chubby, sweet, white-beard man distributing presents among the world’s children, but I think that it’s time to put the “chubby” portion of that ideal away. Our society often associates being overweight with being “jolly,” which is definitely a silly generalization. Perhaps we could stop including the pudgy part of the Santa image as well as the idea that overeating cookies and sweets during Christmas is somehow an actual part of the holiday; instead, maybe we can leave carrots and peanut butter on celery out for Santa at night. He’d certainly have an increase in energy for the evening!

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