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Fat Or Fiction: Your New Favorite Source For Addictive Nutrition Infographics

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Infographics are having a serious moment right now, probably because they make complex information more simple, visual, and easy to digest. Which is why Fat or Fiction, a series of beautiful photographs coupled with nutritional information, is so useful–what’s more complex than nutrition? Unfortunately, it’s so engrossing, you may want to clear your schedule so you can take the time to poke around this completely addictive site. Maybe eating lunch at your desk isn’t such a bad idea today.

Created by designers Anna Brooks (who I automatically like because we are almost name twinsies), Christina Winkless, and David Paul Rosser, Fat or Fiction features a series of beautiful, clean, interactive infographics that clearly display the nutritional information and portion sizes of various kinds of snacks, drinks, and even cocktails. Which is nice because, as a regular tippler, I’ve found it pretty difficult to get a straight answer about what, exactly, is in my adult beverages.

There is one tiny drawback, though, for those of us who are stateside: the women behind Fat or Fiction are from the UK, and thus, the foods represented aren’t precisely in line with the diet of an American. But really, food is food, and just because we don’t have “wine gums” (they are a kind of candy, apparently, that I can’t believe I’ve gone 25 years without eating) doesn’t mean the information on the site isn’t supremely useful.

Fat or Fiction is not only the most attractive and simple site of its kind that I’ve seen, it’s also really useful. Considering most Americans would rather do their taxes than figure out what comprises a healthy diet, making nutrition and health information more clean and easy to understand isn’t just great for health goobers like me to geek out over–it’s a public service for those who may not have a great idea of what a serving is, or how many calories are in their snack of choice.

Check out Fat or Fiction right now (or save it to InstaPaper), and prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of information.

Image: Anna Brooks, Christina Winkless, and David Paul Rosser