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Fashion and color trends for spring/summer 2009

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Although I don't dress or make jewelry to suit fashion trends, I do believe that it's important to stay aware of what they are if you're expecting to sell your work.  That doesn't mean you have to follow the trends, but you'll definitely need to know how (or if) your work fits in.  Or how it bucks the trends…that can be good too!

CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) had a fabulous round-up article covering what they expect to be the major fashion and color stories for the new season. Here is an excerpt from the first story, Tomorrowland:

Imagine a familiar yet strange dreamlike world. Mix periods together in an anachronistic way. Revamp vintage yet fall for the grace of the ephemeral. Rediscover a youthful freshness. Invent a modern techno romanticism. An urban mood, in pale, bleached and artificial colors, teamed with the softness of grey-cast neutrals, and crossed by grating flashy colors.

Image: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com