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There Are Fake Positive Pregnancy Tests That You Can Buy On Craigslist Right Now

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There Are Fake Positive Pregnancy Tests That You Can Buy On Craigslist Right Now positive pregnancy test 4 jpg


If you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test, you know that awful, gut wrenching, heart-in-the-back-of-your-butt feeling of anticipation that comes with waiting for that one, or two tiny pink lines to determine your fate — unless you have been wanting and preparing for a baby, in which case, good for you: You’re probably just excited to find out the outcome!

And now, you can give that feeling of terrible, terrible angst and simultaneous horror for a price of $20 as a Christmas present, because women across the country are selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist. The scariest part is, people are actually buying them.

If you’re thinking, WTF would anyone pay for someone else’s pee on a stick, the answer is: to deceive them. One post on Craigslist from Calremore, Oklahoma, offered a positive test for just $20. The ad reads, “I have a positive pregnancy test for those who need a little help holding onto your man through the holidays, shoot me a message for $20 each.”

Um, okay. So women are helping other women out by tricking their boyfriends/husbands/partners into thinking they’re pregnant as to avoid leaving them, which is incredibly, incredibly sad, and also scary for the future of everyone.

Other posts from Kansas, California, New York, Texas and more are advertising the tests as a prank, gag gift or an alternative to tricking the man in your life. Other ads say they don’t care what you do with the test, but offer it up for whatever you may need it for. Prices range from $15 to $50, so for under $100 you could give someone the worst (or best!) news of their life, before retracting the statement and revealing your wicked, wicked ways — or you could lie and say you had a miscarriage.

According to Gary Mason, a Kansas police officer, these tests could cost people more than just the trust of their significant others. By blackmailing someone — say, in the form of asking for money to help deal with the ‘pregnancy’ — could lead to charges including libel, emotional stress, or misrepresentation. If the case escalated, those in the ‘fooled ya!’ category could even press fraud charges.

Yikes. I’m just going to go ahead and say this is a bad idea. Tricking your loved ones, even if they are cheating liars, will only delay their inevitable departure from your life — whether by their own admission, or yours. If you’re looking to trick your loved ones this holiday season, maybe try something more simple, like hanging a mistletoe in unexpected places. Or, you could try giving them coal if they’re that bad.

Either way, don’t do it. There are so many fun other ways you could mess up your love life.