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Fake Photo of Elizabeth Vargas Breastfeeding

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As Andi discussed yesterday, Marie Claire magazine has come under fire for publishing a fake photo of ABC Newswoman Elizabeth Vargas breastfeeding her baby as she reports the news. An article in today's Boston Herald shows the image in question and reports:

“While Elizabeth Vargas was happy to discuss issues of balancing work and motherhood and is quite proud to breastfeed her newborn son, she was disappointed that Marie Claire chose to Photoshop her head onto a fake image,” an ABC spokesperson said in a written statement.

The magazine defends the phony photo, saying it thought no one would believe the image was real and take it seriously.

“We wanted an arresting, satirical image to make the reader stop and read this important story about what happens when job and family collide. This is an image illustration and is stated so with the byline of this story,” the statement said.

If I were Elizabeth Vargas, I'd be upset about this “photo illustration” too. Vargas should be praised for candidly discussing breastfeeding in the article. Shame on the magazine for embarrassing her with such a misleading image.