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Facebook Is Giving Us New Ways To Brag About Weight Loss And Annoy Our Friends

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Facebook Is Giving Us New Ways To Brag About Weight Loss And Annoy Our Friends using facebook on an ipad jpg

It’s almost always weird to talk about weight loss online, since body image is a personal (and relatively delicate) subject… but what if Facebook is making it easier? Refinery29 recently reported that the social media site has added a new feature that allows users to brag about achieving their fitness goals. They write,

As if there weren’t enough self-worth minefields to navigate on Facebook, the company has added a bunch of new ways to make you feel bad about yourself. … You can post about losing weight. This particular section lets you share when, how, and how much— it even give you the option to upload photographic proof.

While it does seem a little silly to me that Facebook is encouraging its users to post every single detail of their personal lives onto social media, it’s hardly news that you have the option to discuss your weight loss with your Facebook friends, and I don’t really see why it’s a problem that they’re giving us a cute way to do it. As it turns out, though, R29 even made a mistake in claiming that this is a new feature. Mashable recently pointed out that weight loss is just one of many Life Events that you can add to your profile, and that this option has existed since 2011. Shape also took it upon themselves to comment, saying,

Not only is this feature not new, it hardly appears to be a calculated way to make us feel bad about ourselves. If someone felt so inclined to share their weight loss, wouldn’t they have just done so without using the “Life Event” feature?

Yeah. I don’t think R29 is crazy for thinking it’s weird to see people’s weight loss accomplishments listed alongside their relationship status and how many siblings they have, but a) it’s kind of silly to blame people for wanting to brag about their hard work, b) it’s kind of silly to get mad at Facebook for being Facebook, and c) if hearing about someone else’s weight loss makes you feel bad about yourself, that’s not exactly Facebook’s fault. I might not be into listing facts about my body online, but what’s wrong with letting other people do it?

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