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Facebook Making You Fat? New Studies Say Yes (But What’s The Real Link?)

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To answer that quickly, I’d say a big NO. If you’re gaining weight, it’s probably not because of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But that’s not what studies are saying. I came across two articles in the past week about how social media is negatively affecting our health and weight.

The Daily Mail reported that because people wake up and jump on their social media networks to see what’s happening and feel the need to check emails first thing, they are skipping breakfast, therefore they are more likely to give into unhealthy cravings later in the day.

The other write-up comes from Women’s Health Magazine, reporting that people who checked Facebook for five minutes were more likely to select an unhealhty snack post-browsing that those people who were looking at news sites for five minutes. This is how they explain:

“Clicking through friends’ walls or photos makes you feel more connected to them and temporarily gives your self esteem a boost, Unfortunately this decreases self-control”

The major takeaway from both studies is that you should make sure to eat something healthy and not be hungry when you’re on Facebook. Or better yet, why don’t we all go for a morning run and leave the unnecessary morning social surfing behind?

While these two studies cite different reasons, they both blame unhealthy habits (poor food choices) on social media. While I can’t deny that I spend way too much time on social media, there is a difference between being a Facebook addict and being a Faceook addict who allows it to affect their health. The biggest takeaway from both of these studies is that overuse of social media is taking away from our focus on healthy habits, like eating a good breakfast or selecting nutritional snacks. I’m not advocating that you should sign off completely, but don’t forget to eat your breakfast before hitting up your social media networks.

If you do happen to gain weight at one point or another in life, don’t blame it on Facebook! Distractions are always around us, they just happen to take the shape of a computer or iPhone right now but you shouldn’t let that affect your healthy habits.

What do you think? Is social media taking away from you living your healthiest life?

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