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Top Reasons Why People Break Up With Facebook

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Ever “quit” Facebook? You're hardly rare — in fact, 61% of current Facebook users have taken voluntary breaks from the social networking site, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project.

Facebook is still the biggest social networking site in terms of number of users, with 67% of Internet-using American adults having an account. But many report taking extended breaks from Facebook or showing some fluidity with their use.

• 61% of users say that they've previously taken a voluntary break from Facebook for several weeks or more

• 20% of online adults who don't use Facebook say they once used the site but don't anymore

Here are the top 5 reasons why people reported taking a vacation from Facebook:

1. Too little time for it: 21% reported taking time off Facebook because they were too busy or had too many other demands for a period of time. This is reasonable.

2. They have boring friends: 10% said an absence of compelling content led them to leave Facebook. This seems unreasonable to me because, hey guys — that's kind of on you. Friend more interesting people. Hide your great aunt who shares nothing but inspirational placards. Like some band pages, dislike some soap company pages, and boom! You're already on your way to a more compelling Facebook news feed.

3. They're apathetic. About 10% said they'd just sort of broadly lost interest in the site.

4. They have crazy friends: About 9% said excessive “drama” or gossip from Facebook friends made them flee.

5. They have addiction concerns: 8% said they took a Facebook break after becoming worried they were spending too much time on the site.

Other reasons given included:

Who knows? Some six percent said there was “no real reason” or it was “just because.”

Paranoia: 4% said they were concerned about privacy, security, ads and spam on the site.

Disillusionment: Facebook isn't “real life,” man … (2%)

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