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22 Face Masks With Bizarre Ingredients That Actually Work

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Face masks have been around forever, but recently they've become a beauty staple. Gone are the days of simple mud and charcoal masks, now we can put literal gold and caviar on our faces to achieve perfect skin. Some of these masks might look and seem weird, but they aren't just a gimmick. These masks feature ingredients that fight acne and are amazing for your complexion.
Try out one of these strange masks so you can boost your beauty game to make your skin ~flawless~.

1. Placenta face mask


Placenta has been found to have amazing benefits for your skin and body, but putting it on your face seems a little gross. Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles have been cited having sheep placenta facials , so we should definitely try it, too. This mask, which is much cheaper than the facial celebs get, comes drenched in baby sheep juice. It contains green tea, aloe, licorice, seaweeds extracts, which are all great for your skin. The placenta mask will leave your skin smooth and revitalized.
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