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Extraordinary Room Service for Pets

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If you think you've spoiled your pet, perhaps not. Have you ever ordered osetra caviar with hard poached eggs with the hefty tag of $98 for your pet's room service?

Most of us haven't, but pet-friendly hotels have been putting forth extra effort in some cases to woo those willing to spend the big bucks on their pets. The example above? That's from Raffles L’ermitage Beverly Hills. They also serve tuna tartar for $19. They're not the only ones spoiling pets. Fairmont Miramar Hotel Santa Monica offers organic frozen yogurt and handmade truffles for pets, while Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel offers eggs with brown rice for pets.

The examples shared above are from the Oyster Hotel Reviews blog which recently reported on some extravagant ways that a few people reward their pets at hotels. Check out their post: Pet psychics, caviar, and more ways hotels will indulge your dog like a Westminster champ.

What do you think of expensive pet room service?

(Image via flickr/geishaboy500)