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How To Expertly Pack Your Gym Bag

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I’m rarely without my gym bag. I’ve been called a “bag lady” in the past when carrying multiple bags to get me through the day (my nice purse for work, my gym bag, another bag with my packed lunch, etc). Over the years I’ve gotten much better at packing only ONE bag and I think I’ve lost the “bag lady” nickname. If you’re headed to the gym and then straight to work, or the gym and then out somewhere, here are tips on how to pack your gym bag like a pro:

Invest in a good bag: If you’re a regular gym-goer, it’s worth it to put some money into a high quality bag. Make sure it’s big enough for all your gear, has multiple pockets to keep you organized and is waterproof (you never know when a rain storm will strike). I’m a fan of Luluelmon bags because they blur the line between a gym bag and an everyday cute bag. They also overdose on pockets (ipad pocket, phone pocket, dirty clothes pocket, keys pocket, shoe bag, the list goes on) so you will know where every single thing is. Also, because of all these pockets, your dirty gym shoes won’t touch your makeup and your water bottle won’t drip onto your tech items. Current favorites: Vinyasa to Vino, Do it Up Duffel, Yoga on the Run Duffel

Plan Ahead: If you’re going to the gym early in the morning, take the time the night before to make sure you bag is properly packed. It will save you precious time in the morning and you’ll be much more clear-headed when packing at night. Think about your outfit and make sure you’re not missing anything key (like your bra, forgetting that is not fun).

Mini Makeup: If anything you use comes in a travel size, buy it. Instead of lugging around full size makeup, opt for smaller sizes and leave them in your bag at all times. It sucks if you’re getting ready for work at the gym and realize your makeup bag was left at home. Be prepared and always have your make up and a travel sized deodorant and small pack of face wipes (Yes to Carrots makes the perfect size) in your bag. If the locker room doesn’t supply shampoo/conditioner/body wash, make sure to stash travel sizes of those as well. Or dry shampoo for those days where you don’t quite have enough time to wash your hair (hey, it happens).

All the Extras: There are tons of small things that you never think about, until you don’t have one. Here are the items that I keep in my gym bag just in case: hair ties, headband, tampons, band aids, bobby pins, headphones.

Now that you’re all prepared, you have no excuse to skip the gym!

Photo Credit: Matt Michelson