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Exercise Routine: 10 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

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Let’s face it: Bathing suit season is coming, whether we like it or not. You could stay inside and watch another Hoarders marathon while your friends brave the beach, or you could check out this list of 10 simple ways to burn 100 calories from iVillage. Follow the rules, and you’ll get yourself into that tankini, bikini, or no-kini in no time.

1. Walk or run one mile every day. This burns around 100 calories, and the faster you do it, the faster those calories go out the window.

2. Swap an exercise ball for your office chair; you’ll burn an extra 50 calories an hour.

3. Personalize your workout. Pick up a heart rate monitor and figure out the fastest (and most enjoyable) way for you to burn 100 calories.

4. Treat water like ice cream, and consume it fast and cold. If you drink cold water quickly, your body has to work harder to warm that water up, and you burn about 25 calories a glass.

5. Burn your tongue: Hot drinks including tea and coffee stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and help burn calories.

6. Fidget the day away. Tapping your foot, bouncing your knee, or walking around during a lengthy phone call can add up to 100 calories burned.

7. Get around to doing those dishes in the sink. The upside to chores is that they are physical activities. Check out calorielab.com to see how long you have to run the vacuum to burn 100 calories.

8. Jump rope for ten minutes and burn 100 calories.

9. Do a little dance. Twenty minutes of dancing can burn 100 calories – and how much more fun is dancing (even alone, in your underwear, listening to the soundtrack from Grease) than hitting the treadmill?

10. Take advantage of your kids’ endless energy. Head to the park with a ball, or stay home and Wii it up.

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