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How To Exercise For More Than 30 Minutes A Month Without Really Trying

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fitnessWe all know that laziness is seemingly at an all time high. No one is walking anywhere, there's no time to work out and everyone has desk jobs that require they sit on their butts day in and day out. Being this sedentary is bad for us and we know it's bad for us and yet the problem is intensifying.

Research conducted by Ukactive, a “health group” found that inactivity is a deadly pandemic leading to 17% of premature deaths in the UK, nearly a fifth of total premature deaths (I happen to think all deaths are premature, but that's irrelevant). The question is: just how inactive is “inactive?” Very. According to the report, four in ten people are exercising for less than half an hour each month. There are like 730 hours in a month depending on the month, we need to be able to give more of those to moving our butts. 

I'm not sure if the report indicates that people are getting less than 30 minutes of deliberate exercise like going to a gym or less than 30 minutes of general activity like walking and getting out of bed. If it's the latter, considering there are about 30 days each month, that means people are sedentary for all but a minute every single day. Either way, all most people would have to do to overcome this alarming statistic is do more than a minute of moving a day. 

If you are someone who struggles to get more than 30 minutes of exercise a month, here are some really fun and easy ways to squeeze in more activity without putting in much effort. You only have to do these for more than a minute a day every day!

  • Walk up and down stairs
  • Pace around a room
  • Dance wildly to one song
  • Shadow box
  • Body weight activities like pushups
  • Free online workout videos
  • Spin in circles
  • Hula hoop
  • Jump rope
  • Play tag
  • 10 reps of an exercise every time you go to the bathroom

I came up with those really quickly, but it's really easy for someone with my lifestyle and access to be flippant about how simple it is to get more activity. Bigger changes need to be made and addressed by influential forces before this problem escalates. If things don't start changing soon, the lazy and oft ignored killer is only going to start taking a larger death toll. According to the report's backer, Lord Sebastian Coe, projections show that “inactivity levels are due to increase by a further 15% by 2030, there is no doubt that the issue requires immediate national attention and urgent action.”

Now, excuse me, I'm going to do a couple burpees.

Via The Daily Mail//Image via Shutterstock