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Etsy Fails: Insulting, Sexist, And WTF Workout Tops

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workoutThere are a lot of ways to dress to exercise. There's no reason to not have your own signature gym look to shvitz all over. I'm a fan of the grimy old band shirt, dirty leggings and grimace combination; I call it the workout-gremlin look, but you have cuter options; at the gym you can also style yourself like fitness-Barbie, a Lululemon lady, even Britney Spears…or you can look like a tacky weirdo with these big fails from Etsy.

I was searching for fitness gear on etsy and saw a staggering number of options for tank tops and workout shirts with text on the tits. T-shirts with slogans on them usually make me roll my eyes. They remind me of angry high schoolers who buy shirts at the mall that say “clowns ate my penguins but you are a conformist” or whatever. These aren't like that, but they're bad in a different way, really bad. Some are sexist, some make little sense, some are insulting, and some are just thinspo and fitspo crudely silk screened on a flimsy piece of fabric. They are all awful. That being said, even though I hate these shirts, I'd still rather people buy them than say, tacky ugly shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch or something. At least these Etsy dealers are people.

Let's start with sexist fails, then move on to the fitspo and thinspo…

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