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All The Essential Snacks You Need To Keep In Your Desk Drawer

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snack attackEven though your work desk is definitely not the ideal place to eat, it's usually pretty hard to avoid. Sometimes you have to slam lunch in your face really fast while working, sometimes you just need a quick pick me up and have no time to wander away from your computer. When it comes to the latter, a flawlessly stocked snack drawer is critical. If you have the right snacks on hand, you'll be able to satisfy snack hankerings without succumbing to unhealthy temptations from candy bowls or vending machines wares.

I fancy myself a snacking expert of sorts. While it's not perfect, I like to think that my personal snack stash is pretty top notch. Sure, I'll eat a piece of cake on someone's birthday and impulsively order Seamless, but typically, I am not wanting for little munches during the day.

Here's exactly what you should keep in your stash drawer:

Something Salty– A handful of popcorn can work wonders when you're feeling sleepy on the job. I recently got these Rhythm Superfood Chips and a single bag in has been sustaining my salt-cravings for weeks (I suggest getting Nacho flavor and keeping some salsa in a nearby fridge). I shove a few in my mouth, enjoy the delicious flavor and savory crunch and then move on.  Pro tip: Use office supplies like paperclips or tape to close bags and save them for later, portion control is the key for healthy desk snack attacks.  SuperfoodChipsRow

Something Sweet– If I was the person I wanted to be, I'd make my own all natural fruit leather and keep strips of it in my desk. I'm not that person yet; so, I keep a bar of dark chocolate in my desk and eat a square when I get the urge to eat sweets. If I'm not in the mood for chocolate, I go for fruit. Right now, I have pomegranate seeds in the office refrigerator and they're basically my life force. Munching on those throughout the day gives me a chance to get off my butt and walk for a second while getting a sweet fix of antioxidants. chocolate

Something Warm- Some bouillon cubes or instant soups can save you when you need some comforting warmth in your belly on a whim. Don't be like me and go overboard. If you knew how many packets of instant miso soup I kept in my desk drawer, you'd be concerned about my sodium intake. Marukome All Natural Miso Soup in green onion is my favorite. Green_Onion__47892.1306516834.1280.1280.jpg.html

Something you can pick at– Granola, nuts and seeds, baby. They're nutritious, easy to portion out, tasty and energy packed. I had 10 pistachios while writing this post, by the way. I don't know what I'd do without granola, honestly. pistachiosWhat snacks do you keep in your desk?

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