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17 Things All Newbies Need To Know About Using Essential Oils

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A new wellness trend seems to be born every minute. One minute we're spooning coconut oil into everything we consume. The next, we're eating charcoal in the hopes that it will detoxify us. It's easy for #cleanliving skeptics to be dubious about almost anything that's touted as “the thing in wellness,” but essential oils are something that you shouldn't write off quite yet.

For one thing, essential oils aren't some new “thing.” They've been around for a while. And we don't mean since 2012. They've been used throughout history as an alternative to medicine in aromatherapy. If they're still a new thing to you, don't worry because there's no time better than the present to learn about them. Scroll through the gallery to see 17 things all essential oil newbies should be aware of.