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Essential Elements Of A Scrapbook Layout

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1. Photos
2. Title
3. Journalling

These are the top 3 essential elements of a scrapbook layout. Each layout tells a story complete with the title.

Photos should have a focal point and they’re normally the ones with close-up shots and matted with background paper, embellished with photo corners to make it stand out while the rest of the photos add to it and are normally cropped smaller than the main photos.

Essential Elements of a Scrapbook Layout alloy default image jpg

The Title (i.e. “Thanks Mom” in the above layout) gives viewers an audience on what the layout is all about.

Journalling is very important. It is what gives meaning to the layout. Journalling can be a story in your own words, a poem or a lyrics of a song.

The embellishments I have used in the above layout enhance the photos but should not over-shadow or over-power them. Many scrapbookers make the mistake of putting too many embellishments that make the layout too busy. I prefer the simple and clean lines but of course, the style of a layout depends on each person so there is no right or wrong way to do a layout.

I made this layout for a customer in the US as a combined birthday and mother’s day present. Check out my other creations at creativeXpression.