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Equinox May Advocate For Breastfeeding In Public, But You Still Can’t Afford To Join Their Gyms

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Equinox has always stunned us by portraying giant billboards featuring naked bodies around NYC, but now it seems like they're making a bigger, bolder statement. This time, it's about breastfeeding.

It seems a little far-fetched for a gym's brand message, but an intrepid new ad from Equinox Fitness features an image of a mother breastfeeding twins — while dining at a restaurant.

I feel like, since it's Equinox, the more suitable setting would have been in a gym, but who am I to judge their very progressive ad?

This particular Equinox ad is part of a larger campaign called “Commit to Something.” The campaign consists of seven “bold” images by iconic fashion photographer Steven Klein.

According to a press release from the #LookBetterNaked brand, “Each of the seven images tells a different story about commitment.” The particular image we're discussing means to depict“a young mother unapologetically breastfeeding in public.”

While highlighting breastfeeding in public as a normal, acceptable behavior (which it is) is certainly encouraged, I don't think Equinox is necessarily the brand to do it. They thrive off telling us that our bodies aren't good enough, so what makes them the all-hailed “acceptance” brand now?

I'm not really buying it. And neither is The Huffington Post. Associate Parents Editor Caroline Bologna concluded:

Normalizing the sight of breastfeeding is a positive, but we'd like to think moms don't have to be wearing fancy jewelry to nurse in public.