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Entry #1: Breaking The Mirror “For Keeps” Contest

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Entry  1   Breaking the Mirror  For Keeps  Contest alloy default image jpgFeeling the weight of my years

by Susan

I feel the weight of 50+ years of comments:
“She looks just like her grandmother!”
“She’s so tiny — she couldn’t know how to read yet!”
“There goes ol’ Skinny-Legs! Guinter the Splinter!”
At 12, from a boy as he broke up with me:
“You’ll never have children — you don’t have any breasts.”
At 14, a boy said to the boy who liked me:
“But she’s ugly and flat as a board!”
At 21, my first lover’s friends mocked him:
“What are you doing with her? She looks about 12!”
At 25, from another lover:
“I chose you over her — your breasts are more beautiful than hers.”
Later, from my mother and my sister:
“Your ass is getting too big.” “Your breasts are starting to sag.”
From co-workers:
“You’re starting to look matronly.” “What happened? What have you been eating?”
Not too long ago, from a director explaining his casting decision:
“I see Blanche as someone who’d starve before she’d let herself put on weight.”
Since then, the one I’m hoping to remember, from a masseuse:
“I believe your body has grown in order to contain your expanding soul.”


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