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Entertainment Center Pre-Wiring Solution

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Click here to view a larger image.If you have thought of pre-wiring your new house or basement recreation room, here is a product called Xspot Wire System invented by Mark Sipe that will make your job a lot easier.

A simplified explanation to how it works is to first realize that these pieces have magnets inside them. Through the holes shown on the top piece you run your wires, this is attached to a strapping behind the wallboard. After the wall is completed, you can find it with the magnet in the piece Click here to view a larger image.shown below.

Just think how much easier the installation would be if we knew exactly where the wires were.

The Xspot system includes the following products:

  • the Xspot for heavy gauge wires;
  • the Xspot-mini for small gauge wires;
  • Xbox – a single gang box for mounting either of the Xspots;
  • Xstrap – to secure an Xspot between studs;
  • two different locating tools, the Xcentric – with four holes, and the Xstreme – without holes;
  • and the Xbooty bag – small cloth bags that you can put either of the locating tools in to protect the finished wall.

These products are available individually or in prepackaged combinations in X-Pack buckets.

The HGTV Pro web site has a good write up on this product.

The Xspot Products web site has all products for viewing and a video showing the procedure to be followed.