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Encouragement to Pursue Creative Ideas

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Sometimes we need an unexpected jolt to encourage us to pursue some of our creative dreams and ideas.  This has happened to inspire me to get going again on my desire to bring resources I research and write to the New Hampshire and US history programs in schools.

Image: sxc.hu

Image: sxc.hu

As a teacher, writer, and historical researcher, I've done this on a small scale with my programs in schools.  However, I've wanted to reach more teachers and children, as well as home schooling parents and help with creating activities, lessons, and programs that make history “come alive.”

Yesterday, a friend called to interview me about the writing I've done about our local area history.  She needed this information for a research paper on developing school programs.  In the course of our conversation, she encouraged me to work on my blog, New Hampshire of Yesteryear, and continue developing the picture book, Sarah Jane's Daring Deed, about a pioneer girl.  She saw possibilities for these incorporated into school programs.

So now I'm back to the drawing board and working on my programs and activities to expand children's knowledge and interest New Hampshire and U S history and how it affects their lives.

Sometimes it simply takes someone's comment and encouragement to get us back on track with our dreams.