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Embarrassing Behavior – Who Me?

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Kelly, over at Thrifty Mommy, is doing a post on embarrassing stories. I have a bunch of them, but in honor of The First Day of School tomorrow, I am sharing a school story.

I am a noonaide at our local elementary school. I walk around and say, “inside voices, please,” I open milk and string cheese, little jars of fruit salad, etc. The kids in the cafeteria spill a lot, usually milk. I wear flip-flops to work, pretty much all year. In the course of a work day – 3 lunches – I walk a lot, in fact one time I wore a pedometer and I walked over 2 miles in 1.5 hours. All that walking tends to wear the tread off the bottom of my flip flops. Smooth-bottomed flip flops are not a good mix with wet linoleum. I slip a lot, even when I do wear tennies.

One time, while walking across the middle of the lunch room, I hit a puddle of milk next to a garbage can on my left. I felt myself start to lose control, my feet go out from under me, and somehow I ended up with my right arm hooked around the top of the garbage can – the lip was locked under my arm – and I somehow avoided hitting the ground. I'm not sure how I ended up on the other side of the can, but when I looked up at the kids, they were sitting there with open mouths, in shock. “Whoa!” I heard one of the 3rd graders say. “I know!” I replied.

I scared the … lunch right out of those kids. They were so startled, they did not even laugh. I did. I never miss a chance to laugh at myself and the silly situations I find myself in.