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Moms Pissed At Gay Ellen DeGeneres (Again) Over JC Penney Ad

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One Million Moms is at it again. This time, they are back on the case of Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penney for their latest commercial. It's a holiday ad that the moms are calling controversial and offensive to Christians. Frankly, there's nothing controversial about it, and their beef is probably more about the fact that DeGeneres is a lesbian (something they have condemned in the past).

Here is the gist of the ad: DeGeneres is speaking to three of Santa's elves. She asks them to make extra toys for a contest at JC Penney where customers could win a free gift. During the commercial, the typically funny DeGeneres makes some jokes which the elves pretend to be insulted over:

“I know this is no small feat,” DeGeneres says as the elves give her a disapproving look over the height insinuation. “Well, it's a big deal,” she says trying again. Finally, she changes the subject and says, “Who wants a cookie?”

Controversial? Hardly.

Nevertheless, here is what the moms posted on their site:

Update: Since April, JC Penney's has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets.

One Million Moms went on to say that it's not just JCP who they feel is inappropriate:

We have contacted Victoria's Secret, CBS, and JC Penney's several times in the past with our concerns, and they will not listen. They have decided to ignore our complaints so we will avoid them at all costs.

Come on, this is not about Ellen talking to three elves and making some short jokes. It's about her being openly gay and the moms disapproving of JCP using her in any of their commercials.

Earlier this year, the group posted this anti-gay message on their website after DeGeneres was hired as the store's new spokesperson:

DeGeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. More sales will be lost than gained unless they replace their spokesperson quickly. Unless J.C. Penney decides to be neutral in the culture war, then their brand transformation will be unsuccessful.

It's clear that this disapproval over the holiday ad is just another way for them to voice their judgmental attitude.

When it comes to someone who is a great, positive role model, you can't get any better than DeGeneres. These hateful moms could stand to take a few cues from her.

See for yourselves and let us know what you think:

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