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5 stupid things Elisabeth said on Jezabel.com

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Imagine if someone put the 5 stupidest things you said on a tape and played them over and over for two weeks, Barack Obama said to Elisabeth Hasselbeck in reference to his opinion of his Church of Christ Pastor this morning on The View. Oh please – someone do this! I'm BEGGING someone to compile the stupidest, most bigoted and hateful things Elisabeth – or her pastor – has said and post it on You Tube.The only hard part about this exercise would be choosing only 5 – perhaps it would be an easier challenge if we allowed 50 or maybe 500.  Jezebel.com had the same thought and followed through. Click here for the video where Elisabeth talks about how women get abortions for frivolous reasons, Jeffrey Dahmer eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before taking up eating people being wrong and boogers on her face all day, and Gloria Steinem having a right to run her mouth being evil and smushing her boobs up and offering them to Barbara.  I wouldn't have picked those exact 5 but, they will do 🙂 Thanks Jezebel