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I Started Writing For Blisstree In May 2011

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Me and Sam Escobar looking characteristically skeptical.

I started writing for Blisstree in May 2011. Briana Rognlin had just become editor-in-chief. I wrote test posts on orthorexia, honey varietals and over-thinking. I had no idea why anyone was letting me write about health.

I filed my last official post here last Friday. In these past two years, I’ve gotten to cover health and beauty topics both serious and absurd. I’ve been continually entertained by our sister sites (Mommyish, Crushable and thegloss). I’ve worked with some truly smart, hilarious and talented women (including Briana, Hanna Brooks Olsen, Deborah Dunham, Carrie Murphy, Sam Escobar, Lindsay Cross, Pamela Stubbart, Lisa Marie Basile and Amanda Shapin). I’ve also learned a ton about all sorts of health topics, gotten a certificate in nutrition and come to think of myself as a health writer. Fancy that.

This is just to say: If you care to, you can find me on Twitter @enbrown or on Pinterest here. I also kept my own blog, once upon a time–though it has become a repository for the very occasional mixcast or photo post in the time I’ve been daily blogging here. I expect to be writing there with more frequency now, however; do drop by sometime.