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We’re Looking For Fall Interns!

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Yes, paid internship dreams do come true! You could spend your fall working as an editorial intern in the Defy Media offices in New York City. What is Defy Media? Only the parent company for Crushable,The Gloss, Mommyish and Blisstree!  If you’re obsessed with pop culture, fashion, sex, parenting and health, then this is the internship for YOU! You read that right, you’ll be working for allllll the sites.

Interns will be expected to write pieces under their own byline, research for articles, attend events, go GIF crazy on Tumblr, learn how to use Google+  (!!!) and provide general assistance to editors. Prospective candidates must possess strong writing skills. Experience with WordPress is a plus. The ideal candidate is web-savvy, witty, organized and the go-to-Internet-know-it-all among their friends. Seriously we’re looking for the person who is the FIRST to send the viral video to all their friends before it goes viral.

College-aged or grad students in the Manhattan area are encouraged to apply, especially those with backgrounds in journalism and being hilarious.

We’re looking for smart candidates to begin in late August/early September. So get those resumes, cover letters, and two writing samples to JMaier(at)DefyMedia(dot)com by AUGUST 1st.  Please use this exact subject line: I WANT THIS EDITORIAL INTERNSHIP. <— This is a test, please do not fail. Please also keep reading for more instructions.

Oh alsooooo, your cover letter is a bonus 3rd writing sample, so don’t tell me anything boring about how your on-campus job taught you about leadership. Show me why we should hire YOU to be an intern for our amazing sites.

Please make sure that your writing samples are written in our voice and resemble something you’d see on our homepages. If you have nothing that’s published that’s like that, please feel free to write something up. While you probably write fabulous research papers, they don’t help us to see how wonderfully witty your writing can be. Also, don’t be shy about including any social media links!

Want to write for us, but don’t have time to commit to an internship? We’re always on the hunt for talented writers who want to share their knowledge with others! Submit the same writing samples to Jenni for your chance to be considered.