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Eat Your Deodorant, Come Up Smelling Like A Rose

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Via Elizabeth Licata at the Daily MealEdible deodorant is here. Deo rose-flavored “perfume candy” — which just started selling in the United States — is made with an antioxidant that leaves your skin smelling like roses for a few hours after you eat it.

Licata starts her post by noting that “most people probably don’t start the day thinking, ‘Man, life would be so much easier if I could just eat this deodorant instead of wearing it.'” But while that may be true, I can immediately see the advantages of edible deodorant, namely the 0% chance of leaving white powdery marks on all your clothes.

The candies actually aren't made with tons of chemical ingredients. The active ingredient is geraniol, an antioxidant Deo's parent company, BENEO, describes as “a colourless liquid that can be found in plants such as rose, lavender and vanilla.” Once consumed, geraniol “leaves the body through its pores, creating a naturally sweet smell that can last for hours.”

Geraniol is generally safe, though some people who are allergic to fragrance or perfume may also be allergic to geraniol.

Aside from geraniol, ingredients include citric acid, malic acid, rose oil, carmine, “natural tangerine flavor” and, of course, sugar and glucose syrup. There is a sugarfree version of the candy, made with isomalt and acesulfame potassium. Isomalt is a sugar substitute made from beets that doesn't raise blood glucose the same way sugar does; acesulfame potassium is an artificial sweetener.

So what do you guys think: Ingenious or disturbing? Will you be eating your deodorant anytime soon?