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7 Body-Healthy, Eco-Friendly Vibrators For Valentine’s Day

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Let's be honest. Whether you're flying solo on Valentine's Day, or you like to introduce a little buzz into your boudoir, a well-designed, solidly-constructed vibrator can't be beat, as a gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself. But not all toys are created equally–some are as good for the earth as they are for you. Go eco-friendly this V-Day with one of these body-positive, planet-lovin' vibrators.

We've scoured the far corners of the internet to find the vibes that are both healthy for your body (because they contain no phthalates and no BPA), and healthy for the earth (because they're made with sustainable or recycled material, little packaging, and often, no landfill-filling batteries).

Are they pricey? Yes ma'am–but that's part of the sustainability aspect. Once you've got on of these in your goodie drawer, with good care and keeping, you won't have to replace it for ages. And when you do, some are even recyclable, which may seem a little strange at first, but consider everything else that gets recycled. It's not like you're giving them to Goodwill–they're being melted down and re-purposed.

If you're still hard-up for a gift (or want to ensure your Valentine's Day isn't spent in agonizing boredom), flip through this gallery to see what kinds of exciting items you can get your hands on, without making the planet (or your ‘nether regions) pay the price.

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