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Eco-Summer Essential: The “Eatensil”

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Eco Summer Essential  The  Eatensil  eatensil ultimate cutlery for takeaway 0 490x314 jpgUK online food delivery group Just Eat has designed the “Eatensil,” the Swiss Army Knife of cutlery; it has a pizza cutter, a wooden French fry fork, chopsticks, a bottle opener, and let’s not forget the fork, knife and spoon. And may I just say, “Sweeeeeeeeeet.” This thingamajig looks like the sort of thing King Triton would bust Ariel for hiding in her cave of trinkets, but you can’t deny that this will definitely come in handy when you want to pack light for a picnic on the beach. Or better yet, when you’re backpacking this summer across Southeast Asia. (Just don’t pack it in your carry-on luggage, this will need to be checked!) It’s small enough to stash in your purse, so you’ll always be ready for a sudden attack of the Munchies. I’m not sure when you’d need a pizza cutter on the go, but this gadget will negate the need for plastic cutlery, making it an eco-friendly solution by reducing waste and our dependence on plastics. Me want!

Eco Summer Essential  The  Eatensil  eb422881835fef9a9ec56ccfc1475c7d15d4389e 490x490 jpg(Photos: Pocket Lint)