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Eco-friendly fireworks may be coming

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Fireworks are a 4th of July eco-nightmare pretty much. Not only do traditional fireworks let off perchlorate, a substance that can contaminate lakes, and likely soil, but the trash created from fireworks is insane. However, according to Physorg, a newer greener version of fireworks may be on the way.


According to Physorg, “Researchers, have developed new pyrotechnic formulas that replace perchlorate with nitrogen-rich materials or nitrocellulose that burn cleaner and produce less smoke.

Of course the real issue is having this actually occur. This “new idea” was making the rounds last year around this time as well, and there's been little news about green fireworks moving forward which is discouraging. What to do?

Well, until there are greener options you may want to forget about your own fireworks. Ditch the sparklers and other lit bling, and enjoy a larger show that's already going on in your town. You can also try to get your city officials to consider a more eco-friendly firework display, but it may be a little late for this idea this year. Lastly, team up with your neighbors and community to clean up after the 4th. Trash is always abundant after this holiday, and we don't need to leave paper and old sparkler sticks out in nature.

Look for more eco-friendly 4th of July ideas soon.

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