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8 Eco-Friendly (And Festive!) Christmas Tree Alternatives

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OiJgGdtsW2SjgZ6LJGIncemcIf you want to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas this year, one of the best things you can do it seek out an alternative Christmas tree. It's a great year to abstain from killing a tree or buying a plastic one (which, at some point, ends up in a landfill). Take a look at these creative eco-friendly Christmas tree alternatives and be inspired to start a new tradition:

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Prune some branches. This is a great idea–and a great way to prune your trees. Simply take some branches from  any type of evergreen tree, put them in a vase and decorate with your favorite ornaments. Credit: thewednesdaychef.com


Use old or recycled books. Just cover them with festive paper, and you can easily stack them into the shape of a tree. After Christmas, you'll have plenty to read! Credit: pinterest.com


Go with cut-outs. If you have metal or wooden cut-outs in fun shapes, you can spray paint them a festive color, put them together on a pole and make them into the shape of a tree. Credit: pinterest.com 


 Pick up pinecones. By picking up some dropped pine cones in your yard or local park, you can make a very eco-friendly tree. You can leave them natural or spray paint them with a fun and festive color (just be sure to use eco-friendly paint). Credit: pinterest.com


Buy a live tree. Any nursery or home good store like Home Depot sells live, potted Christmas trees. Decorate one with your favorite ornaments and then plant it outdoors once the holiday is over. Then next year, you can decorate it outdoors! Credit: google.com


Decorate a tree in your yard. Who says your Christmas tree has to be indoors? Find one that's already growing in your yard and decorate that! It doesn't even have to be a traditional spruce tree either–just use one with branches to hang ornaments and include some bright lights. Your neighbors will be envious!

81135230757090946_l9qquhbc_cUse leftover bottles. Recycle old beer bottles, wine bottles, soda bottles or water bottles and stack them for a fun and creative tree. This one uses round pieces of glass in between each layer. Credit: pinterest.com

142918988146327757_oZYlBYc7_cMake a wood tree. Find some pieces of wood, cut them to size and mount them on your wall for a really simple and eco-friendly tree. You can still string it with lights and decorations–plus, it won't take up any space in the room. Credit: pinterest.com