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The Nutella Bar Will Serve Nutella-Nuts Everything From Nutella Filled Croissants On Down

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f you're nuts for Nutella, I have some fantastic news for you. The New York City tourist hotspot and marketplace called Eataly in the Flatiron is launching a Nutella Bar. This is very exciting news, if you're into Nutella and highly specific food establishments based entirely around one concept.

The Eataly slot that The Nutella Bar has set up shop in was previously Eataly Vino, a wine shop that had to close for six months due to State Liquor Authority rule breaking. The wine store was expected to reopen in October, but somehow the Nutella Bar will remain once it returns. According to an Eataly Spokesperson, they “will definitely have more info and more surprises to come in October!”

For those stoked on this Nutella Bar, in Manhattan right now, and not at all averse to standing on line, DNA Info tipped us off to this little giveaway:

To celebrate its opening, the Nutella Bar will offer free Pane con Nutella — housemade bread covered in Nutella — to all customers from 5 to 9 p.m. on Monday.

Nutella laden menu items at the Nutella Bar include that Nutella-coated bread they're just giving away, Nutella-filled croissants for $3.80, Nutella spread on a muffin for $4.80 and a Nutella crepe for $5.80.

Into it? Eataly is located at 200 Fifth Avenue and  open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Check it out and tell me what it's like. I am fond of Nutella, but I'm more of a “glob of Nutella on a spoon” type than a “spread it on everything” type.

For those who are like me and love Nutella, but are put off by crowds, kitschy eateries and overpriced selections, you can buy your very own 13 oz personal jar of Nutella to use however you'd like for about $5 online or at most local markets.

H/T DNA Info