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Earrings – Seeing Double

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110803-2.jpgMaking sets – necklace, earrings, bracelet – can be a great way to create multiple sales. When I worked in retail, that was always a big whoping deal. You never wanted the customer to leave the store with just one item in her bag.

However, one down fall to making sets is that it's not unusual for a jewelry customer to buy just one piece, especially when it comes to earrings. Then your set is really, well, not a set any more.

What to do?

Make an extra pair of earrings every time you make a jewelry set. If you sell through consignment, send both pairs of earrings when you ship out your jewelry. If you do shows, bring the extra set along to replace the other pair in case it sells.

Having an extra pair will save you time and brain matter when you are trying to remember what the first pair looked like!