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Dunkins Continues Saving Your Life, Also Will Start Saving The Planet

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They say all good things must come to an end, and that’s never been truer than the news of the retirement of Dunkin’s styrofoam cup in New York City.

While the trademark cups have been in business for as long as I (or anyone?) can remember, Dunkin Donuts citywide will officially stop serving their dunkaccinos, dark roasts and hot chocolates via styrofoam in July.

Why mess with a good thing, you ask? Well, there is that whole thing called global warming — and pollution isn’t so great, either. Therefore, the city of New York has banned foam food containers, which takes effect on Wednesday, July 1st.

RIP, faithful Dunkin’s cups. You’ve held many-a-morning coffee (and hangover coffee, late afternoon coffee, even late night coffee) for this tired girl.

However, there is some good news: DD is debuting an eco-friendly coffee cup that will still keep your coffee as hot, but won’t ruin the planet.

The new cup, which took several years to design, is made of polypropylene and is slowly being rolled out to the city’s more than 500 stores, according to New York Daily News. Featuring a slimmer-looking design, the new cup can be recycled in the city’s system with your plastics. According to a DD customer interviewed by the Daily News, the cups felt a little “waxy” but other than that, not much different.

While I’ll certainly miss the iconic cups, I’m happy the city of New York and my go-to coffee place are doing what’s better for the environment.

Three cheers for Dunkins for saving the planet — and saving my life, basically.

Image via New York Daily News