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Duct Tape Is an Organizer’s Friend

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I may not wear clothes made from duct tape or create gifts to give to family members out of it, but I sure do love this versatile home improvement product! Duct tape can really help keep things tidy. Here are just a few ways I use duct tape to keep my home organized:duct tape

  • Tape down cords. As I mentioned in a home safety tips article, taping down cords helps prevent people from tripping and injuring themselves
  • Keep things that fall over where they belong. A little piece of tape keeps stuff like computer speakers or the Funkey starter kit critter on the kids’ computer desks, even when they are being a little vigorous with their mice. I don’t know how many times I picked them off the floor and stuck them back on the desks before I taped them down.
  • Reinforce flimsy organizer hinges. A lot of little containers have one little seam of plastic holding the lids on. I’ve discovered that running a piece of tape along the hinge on the outside of heavily used containers helps them last longer.
  • Keep containers fastened. If you have a container lid that is a bit loose, duct taping it shut makes it very secure.

Do you use duct tape to keep things neat around the house?

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