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How Crazy Is Your Sex Life? Find Out, According To The DSM

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sexual masochism -- one of the DSM-V's paraphiliasThe latest controversy surrounding “psychiatry's bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, concerns sexual fetishes, which psychiatric types call “paraphilias.” The DSM contains a list and definitions of paraphilias—things like “exhibitionism” and “sexual masochism”—though they're not considered mental illnesses on their own.

The final definitions and paraphilias for the DSM-V, due out in May, haven't been released yet. But the current manual, DSM-IV, lists eight different specific paraphilias, along with a ninth category for paraphilia “not otherwise specified.”

Curious if your favorite fetish gets its own classification? Or just wondering what the most common categories of paraphilia are? Well, click through! We've put together a gallery that combines three of health bloggers favorite things: Sex, DSM definitions and stock photos. Enjoy!