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Maca Powder Is The New Dry Shampoo

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look! my hair looks clean and non-greasy because I poured maca powder in it like it was dry shampoo

Look! My hair looks clean and non-greasy because I poured maca powder in it like it was dry shampoo.

Well, not really, in that maca powder won't actually clean your hair (I don't think). But it will work in a pinch to make it look less oily.

I discovered this trick this morning, when I woke up with greasy-looking hair but wasn't about to take a shower because I just did that yesterday evening. The reason my hair looked like this is not because my scalp was actually producing oil; my hair is so thick and coarse it would take weeks to look like this on its own.

I had loaded it with argan oil and leave-in conditioner the night before, however, and here we were. My first plan of attack was to spray it with water and then blow-dry it (breaking out a blow-dryer is also an incredibly rare thing for me, so you can tell how dire this oiliness situation was). No dice.

What I needed was dry shampoo, or baby powder, or anything powdery … What I had on hand was maca powder, the hippie nutritional supplement derived from the maca plant (an ancient Peruvian herb/vegetable used as a sexual stimulant and recently brought to pop-cultural attention with a little help from the Bluth family). It's … powdery. It's taupe in color, and my hair is blond. Why not?

And it worked. I dabbed some maca powder onto my fingers, ran it through my damp hair starting from the roots and continued to blow-dry. No more oiliness.

The takeaway (other than that I'm a weirdo who has maca powder on hand but not baby powder or baking soda): Maca powder zaps hair grease. Now you know.