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Driving Each Other Crazy: Most Couples Last 22 Minutes In a Car Before Fights Begin

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You might think most of your road rage is directed at other drivers, but if your significant other is in the car: Watch out. A recent study conducted by a SEAT, a Spanish automobile manufacturer, shows that it takes the average couple about 22 minutes in the car to start fighting. Researchers interviewed 3,000 participants about their driving habits, and they found that 71% have fought with their partners while driving. The leading cause of argument was getting lost, but drivers reported fighting over all sorts of topics, from air-conditioning to heating:

The most common causes of driving arguments:

44% — directions/getting lost
37% — where to park
34% — driving too quickly
24% — driving too close to other cars
20% — backseat driving
20% — music/radio choices
17% — aggressive driving
15% — taking corners too quickly
15% — heat too high
14% — air-conditioning too low

The statistic that shocked us most, though, was that 20% of drivers claimed they'd pulled over and insisted their passenger exit their car. That's a lot of people getting kicked to the curb over bad driving directions. Add this study to our list of reasons to stop driving and ride our bikes this fall.

Have you ever fought over driving with your significant other? What's the worst argument you've had while sitting behind the wheel? Tell us in the comments section below.