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Someone Check To See If This Manager Has A Heart, Because He Just Fired His Delivery Driver For Needing Cancer Surgery

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Someone Check to See If This Manager Has a Heart  Because He Just Fired His Delivery Driver for Needing Cancer Surgery pizza delivery 217x200 jpgWhat the actual hell is up with cancer patients being so unfairly treated by members of the general public? If it’s not your Uber driver accusing you of not being sick (and then telling you you deserve to have cancer), it’s a manager at Rosebud Restaurant in Naperville unceremoniously firing his delivery driver who requested six weeks off for cancer surgery. This story is shooting straight to the number one spot in the Restaurants Behaving Badly roundup.

The delivery driver, 19-year-old Jonathan Larson suffers from cancer of the brain and spine. After undergoing several rounds of radiation, he now needs back surgery and back surgery typically requires a little smidgen of recovery time.

Larson told NBC Chicago: “[My manager] said, ‘No, by that time I’ll already have another driver hired. Just leave, I have to make some phone calls. I’m really disappointed and saddened by it. It’s not something I can help.”

What a guy.

OBVIOUSLY he can’t help having a SERIOUS ILLNESS. The worst part of this is that his boss couldn’t even scrape together a modicum of empathy or human decency and express regret that his young employee is going through something both terrifying an life-threatening that is forcing him to put his duties as a pizza delivery worker on pause for a while.

I mean. What else is there to say? The manager basically acted as if Larson was a dispensable asset in the grand production workshop that is Rosebud Restaurant. You’re making pizzas, not saving lives dude. Be a human being and let this kid deliver pizzas for you again in six weeks when the CANCEROUS CELLS have been removed from his body.

And while he’s in for back surgery, maybe check and see if you can get some sort of two-for-one discount and get yourself a heart, tin man.