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Drinking Mirror App Shows What Alcohol Does To Your Face

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424802_10150578744207696_1018433980_nEven if you don't think you drink too much (hey, we all enjoy kicking back with a glass of wine from time to time–or every night), a new “drinking mirror app” shows you exactly how this alcohol could be taking a toll on your face.

Deeper wrinkles, red cheeks, weight gain…those are some of the not-so-pretty side effects of drinking that the Scottish government wants you to know. As part of their “Drop a Glass Size Campaign,” they are encouraging women to think about the health effects of consistently drinking above the recommended alcohol guidelines. (Seems kind prejudice to us that they would focus on just women, but according to the campaign, they are targeting females with this approach because we tend to respond more to vanity issues.)

mirrorTo do so, they have released a mobile app called the “Drinking Mirror” app, which lets you upload a photo of yourself to see how your face could age in 10 years if you keep drinking at your current rate. The app is available only for Android-powered devices, although an iPhone version is said to be coming out shortly. A Web version is also available for anyone to use.

Even though this campaign is only in Scotland right now, it's something that could apply to women everywhere. According to the CDC, 14 million women in the U.S. are binge drinking (that's more than six drinks at a time) each month.

Even if you don't drink that much, it's recommended that women should not consume more than two to three drinks a day (about a 175 ml glass of 13% wine).

Their goal is to get women to cut back on binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption. And judging by the faces shown on their drinking mirror app, this just might do the trick.

Want to give it a try? Check out their website for details.

Do images like this scare you and make you want to drink less?

Photo: Facebook.com/drinkingandyou