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Dr. Stephen Walker On MMR: No Link

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Dr. Stephen Walker, whose research on the MMR vaccine and regressive autism was presented at this week’s International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), has stated that an actual link between the MMR vaccine and “regressive autism” is “tough to prove.”

In an article in today’s Winston-Salem Journal, Dr. Walker is quoted as saying that, even if a link can be found between the MMR virus and bowel disease,

“the conclusion will be simply that there is measles virus in the gut of a large number of children who have regressive autism and bowel disease. We haven’t done anything to demonstrate that the measles virus is causing autism.”

Dr. Walker is an an assistant professor of physiology and pharmacology at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Last week, news sources like the Daily Mail reported that Dr. Walker’s research indicated an MMR vaccine-autism link.

Dr. Walker would do well to clarify what his research has actually found in order not to sow confusion, or unnecessary worry.