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Restaurant Exclusively Sells Expired Food To Paying Customers

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expired food restaurant

I wish I could say I'm the type who takes expiration dates with a grain of salt, but I am admittedly very cautious of them. When I see an item of food is nearing its expiration date, I get nervous about eating it, particularly when it comes to dairy and meat. But now, an expired food restaurant is making me reconsider that attitude.

Former Trader Joe's president Doug Rauch is creating a restaurant that will sell prepared food, as well as fruits and veggies, to customers. The twist? Food will be from grocers that throw them out because they're past their “sell by” expiration dates despite being perfectly edible. The project is called the Daily Table, and it is uniquely awesome. Rauch's own description:

Yeah, it's kind of a hybrid between a grocery store and a restaurant, if you would, because primarily it's going to take this food in, prep it, cook it [for] what I call speed-scratch cooking. But the idea is to offer this at prices that compete with fast food.

Considering an incredulous 40% of the United States' food (and one-third of the world's) goes to waste, this is a very smart and productive idea. Yes, it will not be easy to convince people to eat expired food, but hopefully this will spread more information regarding the length of time it actually takes for individual foods to go bad.

Personally, I will likely stick to just buying low amounts of groceries as needed and using things quickly to avoid letting them go bad, but I do think this is a fascinating idea. Would I eat there? Actually, yes, I think so. Considering their game plan, I assume the company's staff will be highly trained on foodborne illness and safety, so I think it would be just fine. Plus, it's an easy way to productively consume rather than destructively do so. Why not give it a try?

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