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The Cronut Creator Invents Mouthwatering Cookie Cups, Rumored To Be Working With Willy Wonka

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Barneys New York Invites You To Meet Chef Dominique Ansel And Experience CronutThe revolutionary pastry chef behind the Cronut has devised a new devilish confection. Dominique Ansel, Manhattan's own Willy Wonka, embarrassed bakery has-beens like cupcakes and macarons last year when he rolled out his doughnut croissant hybrid. Now he's out to make old school cookies look like boring disks of garbage. People are still lining up Dominique Ansel Bakery for hours to get their mouths on one of the few trademarked cronuts churned out a day–will his new hybrid sweet go viral as well?

Splicing doughs and batters and mixing up magic in his bakery secret laboratory, Ansel concocted Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots after being inspired by his first taste of muse called Oreo. You didn't think classic milk and cookies could be improved, but that's why you are not the most fashionable pastry chef in the world.

The milk and cookie shots are something out of a fairytale. These are cups made of chocolate chip cookies–extraordinary chocolate chip cookies that remain “crispy and moist in parts” even when filled with milk. Ansel posted a picture of his new diabolical creation on Instagram. They look good, like magically good.

ansel milk and cookie

via @dominiqueansel on Instagram

Ansel told Eater:

“[I]f everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined,”

Usually, I'm kind of a curmudgeon about hybrid foods. There was nothing wrong with the classic milk and cookie, but this is the kind of novelty I can get behind. He didn't reinvent the chocolate cookie–he enhanced it.

Ansel is being a tease about whether or not cookie shots will be available at his bakery in Soho, but they will be available for the noshing at an Allison+Partners-sponsored event on  March 9 at SXSW.

Via The Daily Mail// Images via Getty and Dominique Ansel on Instagram