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Watch A Documentary About A Guy Who Only Ate Pizza For 25 Years, Then Prepare To Be Jealous

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Watch A Documentary About A Guy Who Only Ate Pizza For 25 Years  Then Prepare To Be Jealous cheees pizza pie jpg

When you ask a kid what food they’d choose if they could only eat one thing for the rest of their lives, the answers typically range between pizza and ice cream. But one full grown man made this childhood fever dream a reality, by living almost exclusively off of pizza for the past 25 years. That’s right, you can take your five day juice fasts and shove it! Vice, who originally discovered Dan Janssen, has just released a documentary about this medical mystery/American hero. It is aptly titled The Pizza King.

Once upon a time, Dan was just a regular guy, leading an extraordinary dietary existence in private. Until Vice published this article a few months ago, turning him into an international legend basically overnight. His phone and inboxes blew up with interview requests from news and radio around the world, and South Korean TV stations are also calling him an “American food hero.”

If you’re curious, which you are, his daily diet consists of a 14″ cheese pie. That’s it, not a topping in sight. Describing his perfect slice, “You have a hand-tossed crust and a crispy bottom, but there’s almost a bubbly sort of interior crust. The middle is doughy—actually extra doughy. I like a straight up tangy tomato sauce that’s light on the seasonings with real mozzarella. Keep it simple.” And his stance on vegetables? “I’m not totally opposed to vegetables; I’ll eat them here and there. But why would I eat a carrot when I could eat a pizza? A carrot’s just crunchy orange water and there’s really nothing to it.” That, from a 25-year vegetarian.

Despite his diabetes, doctors have given him a clean bill of health, seeing no spike in cholesterol. Maybe it’s all the olive oil? I fear that Dan’s story might be inspiring people to adopt this insanely unhealthy regimen, using him as a rationale. In fact, among the deluge of emails he’s received was a message stating, “I admire you taking a stand for bad eating and I’ve lived that way too and I’m paying for it now, but keep doing what you’re doing!” But it’s seems clear that there is something unique about Dan’s biology that allows him to do this without dying, perhaps some kind of pizza gene. And I believe scientists should stop everything they’re doing to isolate this gene so that future generations may also be able to live in a pizza wonderland.

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