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Do Skechers Shape-Ups Really Work? What Doctors, Trainers, and Shoe Companies Say

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If we see another moronic commercial for Skechers Shape-Ups, we're going to crack. The ads are everywhere. And seeing former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana parading around in his Shape-Ups just makes us sad. But while we're on this Skechers-induced roller-coaster ride of confusion and emotion, we have to wonder: Do these scam shoes really work?

WebMD wondered that as well, so they asked some experts about Shape-Ups. The podiatrist questioned thought that the sneakers could be good for people with heel pain, but that they might be rough on people who aren't seasoned athletes. A doctor says that the shoes are a definite no-no for people with arthritis, and she's not exactly sold on Shape-Ups for people without arthritis, either.

Personal trainers warn people to only wear them for outdoor walking (not on a treadmill), and avoid wearing them while running or weight-training, because the shoes are unstable in the ankle area. But they do think that Shape-Ups could improve your posture and tone your glutes.

So, not the most rave reviews from professionals who care about their clients' or patients' well-being. The GM of Skechers thinks the sneaks are sparking a fitness movement for people who aren't in shape (yet), and hardcore athletes alike.

Have you tried Skechers Shape-Ups or similar athletic shoes for lazy people? Do they really make your butt look better? Do you mind that the shoes are so unattractive? Spill it in the comments section, below – just like Comeback Joe.

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