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Do-It-Yourself Cat Toys And Furniture

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Do It Yourself Cat Toys and Furniture 034202492356c jpgI really have been wanting a cat playhouse for the cat we rescued.  She’s only about 7 months old now and she really enjoys climbing, scratching, and playing. 

This past weekend, our family made a trip to the newest pet store in town.  I knew that cat houses were expensive, but I was almost entertained at how much money people will pay for these things.  I thought it was even funnier when I saw what they were made of.

I found my husband and told him I knew what his new profession could be . . . making cat houses.  Well, I don’t think my husband’s giving up his day job anytime soon (lol), but I thought I’d pass along some info on making your own cat toys and furniture.  I’m sure many of you thrifty people out there could benefit from this.

Do It Yourself Cat Toys and Furniture cat play tower thumbnail jpgHere’s a really cool play tower from Target that’s only $28.  The problem is, it is made of PVC pipes that pop together.  With a 2 and 4 year old in the house, I don’t think it would last for long.

Give us your thoughts.  Have you made your own cat toys, perches, trees, etc?  How did they turn out?

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