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Dizon Exotic Fruit Trees

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Bernardo Dizon, author of Practical Guide to Backyard and Orchard Farming, now has his own website, offering exotic fruit trees for backyard orchardists. There is quite a variety, including chico, a.k.a. sapodilla (Sc. Achras sapota), the famous durian, jackfruit, lanzones (lansium domesticum), lychee, longan, macopa (a personal favorite), mangosteen, and rambutan (okay, so drstel is not a fruit).

Ka Bernie is a multi-awarded agriculturist and has given so much to the farming community — and he still has so much to teach us. Those of you who are in the Philippines and looking to grow some of these fruits in your backyard or farm, you can e-mail Ka Bernie at ka_bernie_dizonATyahooDOTcomDOTph.

If you are looking to learn more about growing exotic fruit, you may want to check out the rarefruit Yahoogroup as well.