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DIY Solar Lantern

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solar flashlightI just finished doing my DIY solar lantern project. I've always wanted to make one but I didn't have the time to make one.

After the Earth Day, I decided to make time for this mini project of mine.

I've made a detailed documentation of this project including theory of operation, how it works, how to compute for the resistor value, and all these technical stuff.

Here's a link to the detailed guide on how I did it.

DIY Solar Lantern part 1/3

DIY Solar Lantern part 2/3

DIY Solar Lantern part 3/3

Here are some of the pics.

solar lantern
diy solar lantern blocking diode

diy solar lantern

diy solar lantern wiring

solar LED lights

solar LED lights

solar lantern

solar powered lantern

[Image Source: Noel Bautista ]